Friday, November 2, 2012

Sandy Aftermath

Hurricane Sandy wrecked havoc along the NJ and NYshores. What is really pathetic was watching the reports of New Yorkers dumpster diving for food just two days after the strike. Today we here of the seemingly total lack of response to Staten Island and emergency services still looking for bodies but Nanny Bloomberg is using resources to ensure the marathon can go on. You wish this was a dream or a movie but instead it is another example of piss poor planning and response by the goverment coupled with a population who for the most part is incapable of taking care of it's own. A few more days of this and the ongoing gas shortage I for one will not me surprised if there is pockets of civil unrest by Monday.

At the end of the day you must be able to take care of yourself and immediate family, not the 72 hours that FEMA talks about but for at least two weeks.
Here are some web resources that you can use to help you build a plan. Even if you are on a fixed income you can slowly build yourself up an emergency kit for you and your family.

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