Friday, August 8, 2014


Yesterdays hearing were ridiculous, first you have Ken Issac's from Samaritans Purse located here in good old NC complaining about the reporting Then you have CDC director Tom Frieden , saying "Ebola's spread to the United States is inevitable due to the mature of global airline travel but any outbreak is not expected to be large"

Sounds like whistling in the dark This come s form the same agency that managed to expose over 80 of its staff to anthrax and had a vial of smallpox found during a routine audit not in secure storage. The problem with this if someone does screw up it gets out into the general population like a large metro area like Atlanta then we would have big problems. If you notice the rate of new cases is exponentially increasing and what is truly startling is the number of health care worker that have tested postie and have died from this disease.

I;m not sure why the State Department allowed these flights to come in bringing the Samaritan Purse volunteers, i;m not going to speculate or wear a tin foil hat but I would not have allowed it to happen. One thing we learn in EMS is triage and in this case bringing these people back to me was an unnecessary risk.

Is someone seriously going to contend that we could not have airlifted in what ever they needed to treat these people in West Africa, I would have to call them out on this.

I;d hate to think that there is an ulterior motive out there but I'm not to sure. The next few weeks it will be interesting to watch to see what happens. If the cases continue to rise and especially if cases start popping up in western countries then we may in fact have a much  bigger problem than the folks at CDC and WHO are letting on.

Links to Ken Issac

CDC director

Airstrikes authorized in Iraq

Finally the worthless hang wringing going on  in the White House has stop and they have authorized airstrikes to keep ISIS out of the northern city of Erbil and emergency air drop missions to Northern Iraq.
About time, the Kurd's have always been our allies and have taken a beating in recent days, In addition the cites and area under threat by these fundamentalist Islamic hordes is the traditional Christian part of Iraq.

The ISIS fanatics are of course Sunni's and I've heard all the arguments of not wanting to take sides as the current government is a Shiite minority. But enough is enough, we broke it and need to fix it.

What I'd like to know is who the money is behind the ISIS fundamentalist, here's looking at you House of Saud. The only reason I think this announcement came down  is the Saudi Royal family doesn't like what it see's and knows if this spreads south their own position could be in jeopardy.

I've said for years if they didn't have oil no one would give two cents for what goes on in this part of the world. But the whole damn planet needs energy to make our economies work so right now we are stuck.
Hopefully in the next few days we can do enough to halt the advance and do something to remedy this growing refugee problem.

What really sad is when this started and ISIS was coming down the road in columns south toward Baghdad we could have wiped them out and destroyed most of their equipment. This whole situation is another example of a completely  failed foreign policy as practiced by the current administration. Like it  or not without a strong and resolute America the world descends into chaos rather fast. This is what happens when the sheeple believe the marketing of Hope and Change.

F-15E Strike Eagle, ISIS nightmare

Quote of the day

“A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition.” ― Rudyard Kipling.

A-7's last demo

The Greek Air Force is the last user of the A-7 Corsair II better known as the SLUF. Once he backbone for Naval aviation strike and also used extensively by the USAF the A-7 has been in service for more than 50 years. Always a very accurate bombing platform the were a winner many times back in the day of the USAF Gun Smoke competition. Bot now time grows short they will all be retired from Greek Service by the end of Oct. Here is a shot taken at RAF Fairford  back in July during their Air Tattoo.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baretta USA Moving

Good for Baretta.
Baretta USA announced yesterday that it is moving all operations out of the Peoples Republic of Maryland to its new facility announced earlier this year located in Tennessee

Beretta general manager Jeff Cooper said that a sweeping gun-control measure that was passed last year initially contained provisions that would have prohibited the Italian gun maker from being able to produce, store or even import into Maryland the products that the company sells around the world. While the legislation was changed to remove some of those provisions, Cooper said the possibility that such restrictions could be reinstated left the company worried about maintaining a firearm-making factory in Maryland.
"While we had originally planned to use the Tennessee facility for new equipment and for production of new product lines only, we have decided that it is more prudent from the point of view of our future welfare to move the Maryland product lines in their entirety to the new Tennessee facility," Cooper said in a news release announcing the move.
The company anticipates the plant in more gun-friendly Tennessee will involve a $45 million investment in building and equipment and employ about 300 people during the next five years. Beretta said it has no plans to relocate its office, administrative and executive support functions from Accokeek, Maryland.
Of course Maryland Governor OMally's mouth piece Nina Smith responded by saying
"We're disappointed with this decision, but the common-sense gun safety law we passed, which includes licenses for handgun purchases, is keeping schools, communities and law enforcement personnel safe," 
Typical leftist behavior, the use of common sense is usually uttered by the fascists to convince the public that the law whatever it may be is for their own good. They always fail to bring up that their own policies of institutional  generational welfare have absolutely destroyed the inner cities of many large urban areas, Baltimore is a prime example 
So for some feel good law that does nothing to mitigate gang violence and directly impact private citizens ability to arm themselves effectively has led to a major corporation to relocate to a better place that welcomes there business. The impact will be be direct in the loss of the highly skilled jobs and the tax revenue generated by  Beretta and its sub contractors. 
Another great job brought to you by the Democrats and leftist policy. 

Time to Start

It been almost 5 months since I posted last, a new schedule at work and the normal day to day activities have made it hard to do. This is no excuse  I have a lot of material I need to get up.
Especially now that the world is  on fire and we have a an administration that has checked out.

Obama his minions and the so called conservative Republicans have caused tremendous harm to this country. I will start posting again just to add one more voice to the discourse

Thanks for the time

Wild Bill

Thursday, February 20, 2014


While we were sleeping fighting broke out in central Kiev again. The government  allegedly has been using snipers against the club armed civilians  with at least 50 more dead in the fighting according to press reports,

This is a great example why certain elements of our government at Modor on the Potomac want us disarmed, Highly motivated good men with rifles would  make the security forces think twice about what they are doing out there. If I can find the video of the attack on a government APC I will post it.

All I can say  is good luck it takes huge courage to stand up with clubs when your opponents have rifles and are willing too use them on the civilians.

Once again I thank God for the wisdom of out Founding Fathers in writing the Second Amendment guaranteeing are God given rights for not only self defense but to stand up against tyranny.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Am A Ukrainian

This young women is very brave. What is happening in the Ukraine will eventually happen here when the 3% have had enough and by then hopefully the sheeple will awaken from their MSM coma of sports and reality TV.

Our current government is as bad as what they are dealing with there. With the wide spread corruption and dishonesty displayed by all of our politicians, coupled with the creeping totalitarianism of the same how much different are we than the people who want freedom in the Ukraine?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Captain John J. McGinty III

Captain John J. McGinty III just left us at the age of 73. He is one of the many hero's of Vietnam. Here is the citation from his Medal of Honor: 2d Lt. McGinty’s platoon, which was providing rear security to protect the withdrawal of the battalion from a position which had been under attack for 3 days, came under heavy small arms, automatic weapons and mortar fire from an estimated enemy regiment. With each successive human wave which assaulted his 32-man platoon during the 4-hour battle, 2d Lt. McGinty rallied his men to beat off the enemy. In 1 bitter assault, 2 of the squads became separated from the remainder of the platoon. With complete disregard for his safety, 2d Lt. McGinty charged through intense automatic weapons and mortar fire to their position. Finding 20 men wounded and the medical corpsman killed, he quickly reloaded ammunition magazines and weapons for the wounded men and directed their fire upon the enemy. Although he was painfully wounded as he moved to care for the disabled men, he continued to shout encouragement to his troops and to direct their fire so effectively that the attacking hordes were beaten off. When the enemy tried to out-flank his position, he killed 5 of them at point-blank range with his pistol. When they again seemed on the verge of overrunning the small force, he skillfully adjusted artillery and air strikes within 50 yards of his position. This destructive firepower routed the enemy, who left an estimated 500 bodies on the battlefield. 2d Lt. McGinty’s personal heroism, indomitable leadership, selfless devotion to duty, and bold fighting spirit inspired his men to resist the repeated attacks by a fanatical enemy, reflected great credit upon himself, and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the U.S. Naval Service.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snowing in D.C

Well it's snowing in D.C, at least one goverment worker decided to show up.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

B-52 without a tail

Back on Jan 10 1964 during a test flight, a B-52H model lost its vertical tailfin in flight. Six hours later, with support from the ground, Boeing test pilot Chuck Fisher successfully performed the first and only Stratofortress‘s tailless landing.