Friday, December 9, 2011

Blogging Again

It;s time to start blogging again, the world market situation is bordering on catastrophic and people will need information for coming bad times. I don;t think the lights will go out but I do think that folks need to prepare for food and fuel shortages as the credit market so they can stay safe and well for 45-90 days as the markets reset. If I can help one person with info I will think it is a good thing.

First off here is a great blog by a long term prepper James Rawles it is full of good idea's. Don;'t be turned off by some of the extreme prepping articles of a grid down situation, this type of information is good for inclement weather or any other natural disaster situations.

Here is a link to a great long term food site, Wise Foods. I've personally used Wise Foods products and have purchased supplies for my self and members of my family. They are a great company to do business with.
More to come later