Saturday, January 31, 2015

CZ- P07

A few months ago I read an article about the CZ P07 polymer framed compact pistol written by Mike Pannone. He had good things to say about it and with his service a member of the USMC Force Recon, U.S, Army Special Forces and 1st SFOD-D and current owner of CTT Soutions he is a expert in reviewing what works and what doesn't

I had a chance to test fire a CZ P07 a few days ago and I was really impressed. for me it was very ergonomic and was a soft shooter regardless of what was fed through it. I fired a variety of both FMJ and hollow points even mixing the ammo in the mags and never had an issue. I like the decocking feature feature but like its big brother you can interchange the decocker with a manual safety.
It has an oversize trigger guard which is nice for cold weather use with gloves. It also includes a 1913 picatinny rail for those who would like to add a white light or a laser. It also includes two 15 round magazines

Overall I really liked this pistol, so much so this will be my next purchase in the near future.
CZ has always had a reputation for great reliability and with with a street price of around 450.00 locally it in my opinion offers a great value for those looking for an affordable good quality concealed carry pistol.

European Central Bank and the Greeks, Stand off at the OK corral

The ECB and their minions have basically threatened the Greeks with a funding cutoff on Feb 28 if they don't abide by a previous agreement to accept  7 billion dollars in bailout money.

As much as I don't like socialist's in general in this case I hope that the new Greek government stand firms and continues to refuse. The way that these central banker's in Europe along with their sorry ass leadership in Brussels and major capitals act are even worse than the U.S. fed and the current administration.

With luck this will blow the whole darn ponzi scheme up and we will finally get the reset that is required to get the markets and the world economy back in some kind of reality.
I'm well aware of the problems that can and probably will happen in conjunction with any action like this, but if not now when? The situation will only get worse as all central banks around the world do nothing but control P funny money and pray for inflation to cover up what their failed policies have brought us, both high unemployment and a system that rewards on a select few and forgets the middle class around the world. Our founding fathers at least some of them knew the dangers about having a central bank, in our case the privately run Federal Reserve. But we went ahead with the sorry ass progressive Wilson and did anyway in 1913.

Sooner or later the massive debt around the world will have to be cancelled because there is no way any austerity program will pay the bill. As the ancient used to say , burn it to the ground and salt the earth.

For an in depth look at this issue check out today Zero Hedge article, the comments are great.

Blast from the past, Dassault Mirage IV

Even though I'm a retired USAF SNCO I enjoy aircraft made not only in the U.S. but also overseas. This is why I'm a big fan of the SAAB JAS-39 NG Gripen as the replacement fighter for the NATO F-16's instead of the absolutely sorry F-35, but more about that later.

One group of aircraft that has always caught my attention are the combat aircraft made by Dassault. Of the various jets the Mirage IV is one I'm glad I got to see fly when I was stationed in Europe during the 80's and 90's.

The Mirage IV was designed in the late 50's as a high speed intermediate range strategic nuclear bomber.  It entered service in 1964 with the French Air Force and served in in both a strategic bomber and a deep reconnaissance  roles until it was retired in 2005. The Mirage IV was comparable in mission and performance to he USAF F-111 and USN A-5 Vigilante that are of the same era.

Powered by a pair SNECMA ATAR 9K-50 afterburning turbojets the Mirage IV could reach a maximum speed in of mach 2.2 and had a combat radius in excess of 800 miles, or longer when aerial refueling was used. The base Mirage IV A flew until the late 70's when it was decided that a free fall weapon dropping bomber was to vulnerable too advanced SAM systems. The French Air Force made the decision to modify 18 examples to the Mirage IVP were it could carry either a ASMP stand off missile or a CT-52 recon pod on the centerline. By 1996 the Mirage IV was relieved of its nuclear strike mission but is flew on until 2005 as a recon jet.

The Mirage IV has the classic Dassault delta wing configuration and is flown by a pilot and a bombardier/navigator. One cool thing was while preforming the nuclear strike alert role the Mirage IV was equipped with JATO bottles for take off.

JATO take off

Recon pod on the centerline

Friday, January 23, 2015

Target Ex CEO Golden Parachute

A lot of people failed to notice the going on at Target north of the border. Target has announced that it is closing all 133 Canadian  stores which will result in over 17,000 people losing their jobs.
With this announcement they also announced a package that will be give each worker 16 weeks of pay at a tab of around 56 million dollars to the company.

Now on the surface this looks OK, company not doing so well in a region so they decide to shut down and attempt to take care of the workers. What most people don't know or remember is the fact that last year when they got rid of the CEO Gregg Steinhafel for his nonperformance he was rewarded with a package that was north of 61 million dollars including over 15 million in severance pay.

I understand that big companies sign contracts that include a golden parachute in most cases. But this time its completely outrageous, since Steinhafel's piss poor performance is one of the things that led up to the Canadian stores closing.

I can't think of any worse example of CEO and board abuse since GM, or what is going on at JC Penney. I wonder what the stock holders think?

Thursday, January 22, 2015


A colleague at work asked the other day what I thought about the various modifications that some people do to an AR-15 platform. I see guys at the range that have so many accessories hung on their sporting rifles it makes them look like something out of Star Wars and adds weight that tells me they have never had to hump it ant farther than the car to the range.

I agree with Kyle Lamb and Larry Vickers, only add accessories that enhance functionality and the ability to deliver accurate fire.

The AR below is a good example of this, it has a Aim Point PRO red dot with a Daniel Defense A2 back up site,  Magpull MOE carbine stock, Tango Down vertical grip, Bravo Company improved charging handle and a Troy railed fore end. The only I might add is a white light for home defense illumination. This rifle is almost identical to one of the ones I have configured.

This is of course my own personal opinion, there is know wrong thing to add or modify with the unbelievable number of parts that are available.  So do what you like and enjoy the sport.

Aircraft Maitenance

As a long time Air Force aircraft technician this poster speaks volumes of how we feel about the pilots quite a bit of the time.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Canadians in contact

Yesterday in Iraq elements of the Canadian infantry while in a training and planning session with Kurdish and Iraqi units came under fire by ISIS forces.

Brigadier General Michael Rouleau, commander of special operations command] said the Canadians used sniper fire and “neutralized” the machine gun and mortar without taking any casualties.
“My troops had completed a planning session with senior Iraqi leaders several kilometers behind the front lines,” Rouleau said. “When they moved forward to confirm the planning at the front lines in order to visualize what they had discussed over a map, they came under immediate and effective mortar and machine gun fire.”
The general said that while Canadian soldiers are not participating in active combat, they have the right to fire back if fired upon.

Good on the Canucks.

What Global Warming?

Well fat chance any of my long haired tree hugging buddies will understand this  but I had to laugh.

Over 1700 private jets are descending on Davos, Switzerland for the world economic forum among the topics is of course the non existent global warming.

Global warming and carbon dioxide have for years been a scam to shear the sheeple once again. I have discussed this in the past and maybe someday the unwashed masses will get a clue on this.

Here is the link for the full article

Here is a shot of a couple of Gulfstream G-500 and 600 series jets. I see jets like these in and out of ILM all the time. I laugh and think that these are the hard time kids riding along.


So says Obama in his State of the Union address. My take is the world is on fire economically, morally and ethically. Just the continued QE by the central banks and the continued lack of growth in real jobs here in the U.S. something no manipulated government stats can cover up.
My take way quote was

"We can't put the security of families at risk by taking away their health insurance or unraveling the new rules on Wall Street or refighting past battles on immigration when we've got a system to fix," Obama said. "And if a bill comes to my desk that tries to do any of these things, I will veto it."

He's kidding right? Obamacare the single biggest transfer of wealth ever is steadily dismantling the healthcare system we have in this country , Wall Street running amok with 5 times that debt in funny money derivatives. Then finally the open border immigration system that allows hundreds of thousands of low skilled workers in and only allows both parties to to pander for the Hispanic vote.

One thing you never here is a year over year spending cut. Instead we get the usual boiler plate raise the capital gains tax and even more outrageous additional taxes on estates that have securities in them.

Washington will never learn until the whole damn stock market implodes because of all the fiat printing.
After all the Obama administration has added 7.5 trillion to the debt in just 6 years, I just hope that we as a Nation can survive and rebuild in the aftermath.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hot Start on a C-17

Just a little problem with a hot start Monday at Wright Patterson AFB for a C-17 F117-PW-100 turbofan.
The crew manged to shut everything down and the base fire department put out the flames. Damage is estimated at 1.5 million dollars. If this is the case its the first Air Force Class A accident for the year.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rally In Paris

One of the biggest rally in years is going on in the city of lights with over one million expected to show support for the French against the scourge of Islamic Jihad. Among the marchers are 50 world leaders whose policies of appeasement and inclusion to a group that is 180 degrees opposite of any Western values have directly led to the actions that we see around the world.
Hopefully these recent attacks will open their eyes and the eyes of those among us who simply don't get what a threat Jihad is to the Western world.

Attorney General Holder was supposed to march but is reported to be a no show, typical for the current administration.

Can You Imagine Either one as POTUS

All the twitter feeds and MSM types go on and on about Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney becoming the Republican standard bearer in 2016. You will hear such diatribe as Jeb can secure the Hispanic vote or  Mitt is great business man
How about neither, any one else or Micky Mouse. Not one of these men is a conservative or a constitutionalist, both are big government nanny state advocates.

Every time I here Mitts main qualification is being a great businessman I can only think that the government is not a business and needs to be cut at least by half . Bush is just a continuation of the family dynasty and that not a good thing. Last time I checked we fought a revolution prevent this from happening, this same thought goes to the darling of the left Hilary.

So I have  great idea how about neither and lets look on the bench for a decent serving governor. Nicky Haley for example,
A better choice
How about neither

Saudi Arabian Blogger to Get 1000 Lashes

Just when you think it can't get any worse in the Kingdom  we get this. Raif Badawi was convicted of cyber crime and insulting Islam and was handed down the sentence of 10 years and 1000 lashes.
But yet this is just one of many things that they do which causes ones eyebrows to raise and me personally go WTF.  After spending time on a deployment there in the 90's I always wondered what would  happen if the government could not continue to pay off the welfare state among it population.
 I think we all know the answer to that question. I also know that in the MSM you will here nary a peep.

Here is the full article which has additional links from Zerohedge.

A Bear In Alaska

Over the last few months are old buddies the Russians have made numerous flights to the ADIZ zones around the world from the US, Europe  and the Pacific. Its kind of like the bad old days of the Cold War when I was stationed in Europe and our Eagles would be scrambled to intercept TU-95's our over the North Sea.
Here is a shot from a few months back of a Raptor escorting a Bear.

Wow What a World We Live In

Its funny how time goes by sometimes it seems like a its running away an suddenly months have gone by. especially in the business I work in, we are so busy other things in our lives seem to go by the wayside because being at work tries to take over.

Its been months since I have commented on any subject. Since the later summer we have seen the world spin further out of control either with continued Central Bank QE which will make the reset even harder, Ebola still racking up victims even with a virtual news black out her in America and of course an ever expanding war against Islamic jihad brought back to the forefront with the tragic attacks in France. Plus we have the recent elections that swept the equally corrupt and for the most part worthless Republicans into the Senate and House majority.

I still have a lot to say and still love aircraft so I must try and post articles and pictures with comment in this little part of the world wide web that I find interesting and the few people that check by may also  like it, comment and share.
Best regards