Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wow What a World We Live In

Its funny how time goes by sometimes it seems like a its running away an suddenly months have gone by. especially in the business I work in, we are so busy other things in our lives seem to go by the wayside because being at work tries to take over.

Its been months since I have commented on any subject. Since the later summer we have seen the world spin further out of control either with continued Central Bank QE which will make the reset even harder, Ebola still racking up victims even with a virtual news black out her in America and of course an ever expanding war against Islamic jihad brought back to the forefront with the tragic attacks in France. Plus we have the recent elections that swept the equally corrupt and for the most part worthless Republicans into the Senate and House majority.

I still have a lot to say and still love aircraft so I must try and post articles and pictures with comment in this little part of the world wide web that I find interesting and the few people that check by may also  like it, comment and share.
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