Friday, August 8, 2014


Yesterdays hearing were ridiculous, first you have Ken Issac's from Samaritans Purse located here in good old NC complaining about the reporting Then you have CDC director Tom Frieden , saying "Ebola's spread to the United States is inevitable due to the mature of global airline travel but any outbreak is not expected to be large"

Sounds like whistling in the dark This come s form the same agency that managed to expose over 80 of its staff to anthrax and had a vial of smallpox found during a routine audit not in secure storage. The problem with this if someone does screw up it gets out into the general population like a large metro area like Atlanta then we would have big problems. If you notice the rate of new cases is exponentially increasing and what is truly startling is the number of health care worker that have tested postie and have died from this disease.

I;m not sure why the State Department allowed these flights to come in bringing the Samaritan Purse volunteers, i;m not going to speculate or wear a tin foil hat but I would not have allowed it to happen. One thing we learn in EMS is triage and in this case bringing these people back to me was an unnecessary risk.

Is someone seriously going to contend that we could not have airlifted in what ever they needed to treat these people in West Africa, I would have to call them out on this.

I;d hate to think that there is an ulterior motive out there but I'm not to sure. The next few weeks it will be interesting to watch to see what happens. If the cases continue to rise and especially if cases start popping up in western countries then we may in fact have a much  bigger problem than the folks at CDC and WHO are letting on.

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