Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pic Of The Day

He's going vertical and so am I!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The 343

Later today I will ride with my brothers in memorial to the 343 brothers who lost thier lives on 9/11

Never Forget


Thursday, September 9, 2010


I think this says it all.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cornfield Bomber

I can't remember who wrote this but it's a great story

In 1970, while assigned to the 71st FIS at Malstrom AFB, Montana , 58-0787 had it’s pilot eject during an inflight emergency. The pilot somehow got himself into a flat spin -- considered generally unrecoverable in an F-106 - and he ejectedit , i.e. eject.

After the pilot did just that, 58-0787 recovered itself from this 'unrecoverable' situation. In a vain attempt to break the spin, the pilot had lowered half flaps, rolled in takeoff trim, and throttled the engine back to an approach power setting.

After the ejection, the aircraft recovered from the spin on its own, and established a wings level low rate descent under reduced power to the ground. Ground effect broke its rate of descent, and it settled into a near-perfect gentle belly landing in a farmer's snow-covered cornfield.

When the local sheriff came upon the scene, the engine was still running. The aircraft was situated on a slight incline, and was creeping forward slowly under the thrust of its still-running engine, as the snow compressed to ice under it. Concerned about where it might be headed, the sheriff didn't think he could wait for the recovery team to get there from Malstrom which, was about 50 miles away; so he got himself connected to the aircraft's squadron for engine shut down instructions before he entered the cockpit to secure the engine.

A depot team from McClellan AFB recovered the aircraft and it was eventually returned to service. When the 71st FIS was disbanded in 1971, 58-0787, now famously known as the "Cornfield Bomber, was transferred to the 49th FIS, where it finished out its operational service life.

Pilots of the 49th FIS would occasionally run into ex-71st FIS guys at William Tell and rag them unmercifully about the "emergency" so dire that the plane landed itself.

58-0787 is now on permanent display in its 49th FIS markings at the USAF Museum at Wright Patterson AFB, where its story is told in the exhibit. While the the 49th FIS Eagle jocks are reportedly glad to see their squadron immortalized in this way for millions to see, they would prefer to see it made more clear that it was the 71st, and not one of theirs, who jumped out of this perfectly good aircraft.

Cops and donuts

I don;t know what it is with the boys in blue and donuts but these two pics are great.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sad Obama milestone

I just can't help but think that the changes to the ROE has led to more U.S. deaths. Marines should not be calling for and denied artillery support like happened in July because we are so worried about civilian casualties. There will be civilian casualties, I agree with the notion that we should try and limit this but at the same time there is no way I can support a policy that fails to give all the support needed to a unit under fire. If this means arty or airstikes on a walled compound that the Marines are taking fire from, so be it.

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