Monday, May 21, 2012

JDAM city

A nice collection of JDAM strikes. Moral to the story don;t shoot at our troops.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another F-15E crash. Air Force flight safety problems?

I''m a little bit behind the power curve, the Bold Tigers lost another Strike Eagle last Thursday morning during what apparently was a routine training mission with both crew members ejecting safely. This is the second crash in just a little over a month for this deployed unit. As you may recall at the end of March they lost a jet with the pilot being killed in the crash. To say this is a bit unusual is an understatement, I'm sure that Air Force flight safety will be all over this one but it does raise eyebrows.
This crash, followed on Friday by the loss of an F-16 in Utah, followed by the 60 minute story of the two Raptor pilots who say they will not fly the F-22 until the OBOGS situation is resolved puts in my mind a big question mark on Air Force flight safety practice. I hope what we are seeing is an aberration not a return to the bad 80's when we were losing a squadron plus amount of jets every year due to accidents.