Thursday, February 20, 2014


While we were sleeping fighting broke out in central Kiev again. The government  allegedly has been using snipers against the club armed civilians  with at least 50 more dead in the fighting according to press reports,

This is a great example why certain elements of our government at Modor on the Potomac want us disarmed, Highly motivated good men with rifles would  make the security forces think twice about what they are doing out there. If I can find the video of the attack on a government APC I will post it.

All I can say  is good luck it takes huge courage to stand up with clubs when your opponents have rifles and are willing too use them on the civilians.

Once again I thank God for the wisdom of out Founding Fathers in writing the Second Amendment guaranteeing are God given rights for not only self defense but to stand up against tyranny.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Am A Ukrainian

This young women is very brave. What is happening in the Ukraine will eventually happen here when the 3% have had enough and by then hopefully the sheeple will awaken from their MSM coma of sports and reality TV.

Our current government is as bad as what they are dealing with there. With the wide spread corruption and dishonesty displayed by all of our politicians, coupled with the creeping totalitarianism of the same how much different are we than the people who want freedom in the Ukraine?