Thursday, April 25, 2013

Noah's Touchdown

The East Carolina University Pirates football team did a great thing the other day as they got 8 year old cancer patient Noah Roberts in for a TD on the last play of their spring game.

Great Job ECU!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Trijicon Bible Verses

For years Trijicon optical sights have been marked with references to Bible verses. The last time this was an issue was in Jan 2010 when ABC breathlessly reported this and tried to make a big deal.

Well big Army strikes again and has sent out detailed instruction on how to remove the mark and and repaint the scope. It pains me to think that anyone would think this was an issue. If they do, they really don't understand fundamentally what our Founding Fathers were all about

Here is an example of the offending mark.

Some of the other passages are;

John 8:12 - "Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life."

Second Corinthians 4:6 - "For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ."

A bunch of B.S. but the liberals and Obama's minions eat this kind of stuff up. Anything to divert attention from a failed administration.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mike Vanderboegh's Speech Over The Weekend In CT

I will post his speech with no comment, none is needed.

My name is Mike Vanderboegh and I'm a smuggler. I am from the great free state of Alabama and I am a Three Percenter.

If you need to pigeonhole my politics I consider myself a Christian libertarian. I believe in free men, free markets, the rule of law under the Founder's Republic and that the Constitution extends to everyone regardless of race, creed, color or religion.

I most especially believe in the right of the people to keep and bear arms as the ultimate guarantor of liberty.

I have also been called a "seditionist" by members of the current regime. If faithfully fulfilling my oath to the Founders' Republic and unrelenting hostility to those who would undermine and overthrow it makes me a "seditionist" then I cheerfully plead guilty.

The Three Percent movement I founded has been denounced by that paragon of moral virtue Bill Clinton and I am a perennial "honorable mention" on the Southern Poverty Law Center's list of dangerous folks. I have even been the subject of an eighteen and a half minute rant by Rachel Madcow on MSNBC and the current Attorney General of the United States knows -- and despises -- me by name because of the Fast and Furious scandal that, with my friend David Codrea, I broke the news of on the Internet. Eric Holder would not be surprised to know that the feeling is mutual.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence calls me an "insurrectionist" because I don't believe, as they do, in a government monopoly of violence, but rather in a literal interpretation of the 2nd Amendment as a bulwark against tyranny. Well, as my friend Kurt Hofmann says, "It is better to be despised by the despicable than admired by the admirable" and I suppose my remarks here today will only reinforce my enemies' opinions of me. I think I can bear the burden.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775, but also of the liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto in 1943 and that of the Branch Davidians at Waco fifty years later to the day -- two examples of what happens when governments exercise a monopoly of violence.

It is proper, then, to contemplate the lessons of the date in history -- April 19th -- then, now and in the near future. What I say now I say with reluctance, sadness and not a little bit of dread, but say it I must.


Neither do I believe that you consent, for you would not be here today if you did. But what I say is not easy to say nor easy to hear and many of you will not like it.

"An unconstitutional law is void." So says the standard legal text American Jurisprudence. That is certainly true. The tricky part is how we are to make that point when the local, state and federal executive and legislative branches as well as the courts are in the hands of the domestic enemies of the Constitution. Every one who is currently trying to take away your right to arms starts out by saying "I support the 2nd Amendment." Let me tell you a home truth from Alabama -- Barack Obama supports the 2nd Amendment about as much as Adolf Hitler appreciated Jewish culture, or Joe Stalin believed in individual liberty. Believe what politicians do, not what they say.

So what shall we do about this current spate of tyranny breaking out all over?

The facsimile of a semi-automatic pistol that some of you hold in your hands was smuggled into your state from the South. Manufactured in Georgia, trans-shipped to Alabama, it came across your state line in the trunk of a car. The fact that the authorities of your state have not yet banned "sponge guns" is immaterial. It could as easily been a whole trunk full of real pistols. Indeed, before this year no one thought that other firearms and related items would ever be banned -- but they have been. No one thought that the authorities of your state would pass laws making criminals out of the previously law-abiding -- but they did. If they catch you violating their unconstitutional laws, they will -- when they please -- send armed men to work their will upon you. And people -- innocent of any crime save the one these tyrants created -- will die resisting them.

Yet despite the cost, these unconstitutional laws MUST be resisted. For if not now, when? And if not us, who? This is no longer a "slippery slope" leading to firearm registration and eventual confiscation -- it is a precipice that some states have already plunged over and that the federal government threatens to follow. Arrests are happening NOW. When, if not now, shall we resist? Will we allow ourselves to be shoved back once again, from the free exercise of our God-given, natural and inalienable rights to liberty? -- Shoved back once more, muttering but compliant?

THAT IS HOW WE GOT TO THIS PLACE --- WE NEVER SHOVED BACK WHEN WE COULD DO SO WITHOUT VIOLENCE. Where does it stop? When we are all disarmed slaves?

The Founders knew how to answer such tyranny. When Captain John Parker -- one of the three percent of American colonists who actively took the field against the King during the Revolution -- mustered his Minutemen on Lexington Green, it was in a demonstration of ARMED civil disobedience. He might have retreated at the British approach, but he didn't. He might have ordered his men to lay down their arms, but he didn't. His defiance was silent but plainly stated. A veteran of the French and Indian War, he did not want a war. He knew intimately the horrors of war. BUT HE ALSO KNEW THAT SOME THINGS ARE WORSE THAN WAR. The British could not tolerate his silent defiance -- and someone fired a shot.

But even before the shot heard 'round the world, the colonists understood their weaknesses and their military needs and did something about it. They smuggled. They smuggled Dutch gunpowder and French flints. They smuggled tents and uniform cloth and artillery and ammunition. Boston was the high headquarters of anti-British smuggling and John Hancock was its prime minister. Connecticut was a small empire built on patriotic smuggling. The colonists knew what to do and they did it, regardless of the risk -- regardless of all the King's ministers and the King's soldiery.

They defied the King. They resisted his edicts. They evaded his laws and they smuggled. Lord above, did they smuggle.

Now we find ourselves in a similar situation. The new King Barack and his minions have determined to disarm us. We must determine to resist them.

No one wants a new civil war (except, apparently, the anti-constitional tyrants who passed these laws and the media toadies who cheer them on) but one is staring us in the face. Yes, a civil war is staring us in the face. To think otherwise is to whistle past the graveyard of our own history. We must, if we wish to avoid armed conflict, get this message across to the collectivists who have declared their appetites for our liberty, our property and our lives --


Just like King George, such people will not care, nor modify their behavior, by what you say, no matter how loudly or in what numbers you say it. They will only pay attention to what you DO.

So defy them. Resist their laws. Evade them. Smuggle in what they command you not to have. Only by our ACTS will they be impressed. Then, if they mean to have a civil war, they will at least have been informed of the unintended consequences of their tyrannical actions. Again I say --

Defy. Resist. Evade. Smuggle. If you wish to stay free and to pass down that freedom to your children's children you can do no less than to become the lawbreakers that they have unconstitutionally made of you. Accept that fact. Embrace it. And resolve to be the very best, most successful lawbreakers you can be.

One last thing before I go. On Thursday I smuggled a half-dozen 30 round AR-15 standard capacity magazines into Connecticut in deliberate disobedience of the new state diktat.

So to Martin Looney, Mike Williams, Larry Cafarro and John McKinney I'd like to say this:


And I'll tell you something else. When the new ammo restrictions go into effect the first week of July, I'll be back -- with two full crates of 7.62x39 ball ammunition and I will transfer said ammunition into the hands of a Connecticut citizen without the state's permission or paperwork.

And after I break their unconstitutional laws again, I'll be sitting in Frank Pepe's Pizza down in New Haven waiting for Looney and Company to come arrest me --


Thank you.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston Aftermath

It's good to see that the second Boston suspect is in custody. what's bad is how they did it. The government officials in Massachusetts shut down a city of 7 million and had the citizens cowering in their homes with an untold economic loss. There is no excuse for these actions and the way the police went door to door demanding entrance and the sheep complied. Other terrorist groups will watch this charade and realizes the disrution that they can cause with having just a few fanatics execute an attack.

Carl Denninger does a much better job than I can ever do at Market Ticker check it  out.

Obama's And Boston's Lesson: Jihad Works
The stupid, it burns.
The wrong answer to terrorism is what we're doing right now.  
What our government is teaching prospective terrorists is that all they have to do is manage to get two jackasses who are willing to die to commit mass-murder, even if they kind of suck at it (let's face it, when they blew up those bombs in Boston they did commit their intended deed but an hour earlier and 10x as many people would be dead or missing legs.) 
Then they pop a cop trying to rip off a convenience store and toss (non-working; they didn't explode) bombs out the window while trying to elude the cops.
The payoff for doing this is that an entire city shuts down to literal empty sidewalks and train service is halted along a hundred-mile+ stretch.
Even worse now the authorities are allegedly preventing residents who were away from their homes from returning there!  You are now being forcibly dispossessed of your residence!  Yeah, it's temporary, but so what -- that's my damned house, not yours!  Get the hell out of my way!
Need I remind people that the entire point of terrorism is to terrorize?  To create economic havoc in a given area through violence, and by doing so advance some social or political goal?
What sort of lesson is the jackass in the Oval Office along with those crap-for-brains idiots in Massachusetts sending to our enemies around the world?  
Two *******s shut down a city of 7 million people who then cower in fear in their homes.
Screw that and screw them.
What should be the response is that every American who lives in that area should go about their business while openly carrying a pistol, rifle or both.
Go ahead -- try that terrorist crap with the proper response to such an event and see how long you live.  That would instantly be the end of those terrorists and the economic disruption would be zero.  It would also send a strong message -- pull that crap and we the people will do our duty as citizens to the common defense.
Instead we have a state and city that claims that doing so is "illegal" and gives the terrorists exactly what they want.
Those terrorists are responsible for murder but they're not responsible for the economic disruption.
You are responsible by putting up with this crap and the government is directly and proximately responsible by demanding that you cower in fear. Two jackasses who kill or injure fewer people than get hurt in car accidents in a given 24 hour period have now conspired with an idiot government to shut down an entire city of 7 million people!
How far we've fallen as a nation.  We can't find our balls with both hands these days.  We want the nanny cops and government to "protect us."  How well did it work at the Marathon?  To make it worse Massachusetts is one of those "great states" where you can't legally carry or possess a weapon without a license even though the 2nd Amendment says you have the unalienable right to do so.
I remind everyone that the 2nd Amendment exists for exactly this sort of reason and circumstance.  Go read it again if you're challenged in your memory of its words.
These terrorists deserve to assume room temperature as soon as they point a weapon or arm a bomb with the intent to harm anyone else.  The more people willing and able to do that the better, and the best way to respond to this sort of crap is to deny them the economic damage they seek to inflict.
Stop being stupid America; you shame our forefathers and those who stood tall when threatened in this nation's past, instead cowering in the corner and giving two murderous, cowardly jackasses exactly what they want.
What we should be doing is slinging weapons and going about our business, willing and able to discharge our duty as citizens toward both common and personal defense.

Friday, April 19, 2013


I've wanted to wait until our government officials said something about the marathon bombers, well it didn't take long with what has unfolded the last few hours, what amazes me is the stupidity of the reporting on all MSM channels.

Plain and simple these young men both from Chechnya are nothing more than typical Muslim jihadists.
This will not end well if the younger brother is cornered he will try and take as many with him as he can.
This is because he is a martyr  and will get his reward in the afterlife.Just like 9/11 people can't understand why, it is quite simple. We in the west are infidels and the jihad committed individual has a  duty is to eliminate us.

Another aspect that is escaping the MSM is the fact that there has been various report and studies on Islamic terror and how that they have been recruiting and training new terrorist  from Bosnia and places like Chechnya because they look like us.  It make them easier to blend in and when the time comes create mayhem.

I'm willing to bet that this morning has shaken the alphabet agencies to the core, God knows how many sleeper cells could be out there and what they are willing and planning to do. When you look at what is going down in this search for the second brother anyone can see that they have accomplished there goal, Greater Boston is basically shut down right now I can only imagine the cost in commerce and emergency service OT because of the search.

I predict that this is the beginning of a new wave of attacks in the U.S. Part of it is our own fault because of the current administration policy in Afghanistan. The media thinks we are withdrawing and everything is ok. In the Islamic world eyes they have another superpower on the run and we are weak. They only respect force, just ask the Polish knights at the gates of Vienna.

The Russian withdrawal from the Stan  directly resulted din the troubles in Chechnya, the difference is  when it was getting out of hand the Russian Army used an iron fist to restore some semblance of order. We won't do it especially with the current administration.

People need to educate themselves about Islam, the MSM cry of moderate Islamic is so much bull I won't report their lies. I suggest you read Robert Spencer book The Politically Incorrect guide to Islam and the Crusades this will indeed open your eyes.

The politicians and the media will probably try to spin this for more gun control, or other laws which only screw law abiding Americans. They will refuse to admit to what the truth of what jihad realy is.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Cold War MIA's

With Korean troubles on peoples minds I was surprised to find out how many recon planes were shot down or lost during the Cold War. 126 American airmen are MIA, 105 where killed as the direct result of their aircraft being shot down.
Here is a complet list FROm the DOD POW/MIA Office

126 American service members are unaccounted for from 14 Cold War missions.

 Cold War incidents took place near North Korea, the East China Sea, the Straits of Formosa, the People’s Republic of China, and over or near the Soviet Union.
Incident details in chronological order

 April 8, 1950, a U.S. Navy PB4Y2 Privateer aircraft flying out of Wiesbaden, Germany, was shot down by Soviet fighters over the Baltic Sea. The entire crew of 10 remains unaccounted for.

 Nov. 6, 1951, a U.S. Navy P2V Neptune aircraft was shot down over the Sea of Japan. The entire crew of 10 remains unaccounted for.

 June 13, 1952, a U.S. Air Force RB-29 aircraft stationed at Yokota Air Base, Japan, was shot down over the Sea of Japan. The entire crew of 12 remains unaccounted for.
 Oct. 7, 1952, a U.S. Air Force RB-29 aircraft stationed at Yokota Air Base, Japan was shot down north of Hokkaido Island, Japan. Of the eight crewmen on board, seven remain unaccounted for.

 Nov. 28, 1952, a civilian C-47 aircraft flying over China was shot down, and one American civilian remains unaccounted for.

 Jan. 18, 1953, a U.S. Navy P2V aircraft with 13 crewmen aboard was shot down by the Chinese, in the Formosa Straits. Six crew members remain unaccounted for.

 July 29, 1953, a U.S. Air Force RB-50 aircraft stationed at Yokota Air Base, Japan, was shot down over the Sea of Japan. Of the 17 crew members on board, 14 remain unaccounted for.

 April 17, 1955, a U.S. Air Force RB-47 aircraft based at Eielson Air Base, Alaska, was shot down near the southern point of Kamchatka, Russia. The entire crew of three remains unaccounted for.

 May 6, 1954 a C-119 aircraft flying over Northern Vietnam was shot down. One of the two Americans onboard remains unaccounted for.

 Aug. 22, 1956, a U.S. Navy P4M aircraft was shot down off the coast of China. Of the 16 crew members on board, 12 remain unaccounted for.

 Sept. 10, 1956, a U.S. Air Force RB-50 aircraft based at Yokota Air Base, Japan, with a crew of 16, was lost in Typhoon Emma over the Sea of Japan. The entire crew remains unaccounted for.

 July 1, 1960, a U.S. Air Force RB-47 aircraft stationed at RAF Brize Norton, England, was shot down over the Barents Sea. Of the six crew members on board, three remain unaccounted for.

 Dec. 14, 1965, a U.S. Air Force RB-57 aircraft was lost over the Black Sea, flying out of Incirlik Air Base, Turkey. The entire crew of two remains unaccounted for.

 April 15, 1969, a U.S. Navy EC-121 aircraft was shot down by North Korean fighters. Of the 31 men on board, 29 remain unaccounted for

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Medal of Honor for Chaplain (Capt.) Emil J. Kapaun

On Tursday an Army chaplain, Capt. Emil J. Kapaun, was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor,  for his actions leading up to his capture as a prisoner of war in North Korea.

Kapaun was ordained a priest in 1940, and served under the Roman Catholic Diocese of Wichita in Pilsen, Kan. In 1944, he began serving as an Army chaplain. In 1993, Kapaun was named a "Servant of God" by the Vatican, and is currently a candidate for sainthood. He died as a POW on May 23 1951

Here is the Citation of his Medal Of Honor

God Bless you Father;

The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, March 3, 1863, has awarded in the name of Congress the Medal of Honor to

Chaplain (Captain) Emil J. Kapaun
United States Army

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty:

Chaplain Emil J. Kapaun distinguished himself by acts of gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty while serving with the 3d Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division during combat operations against an armed enemy at Unsan, Korea, from November 1-2, 1950. On November 1, as Chinese Communist Forces viciously attacked friendly elements, Chaplain Kapaun calmly walked through withering enemy fire in order to provide comfort and medical aid to his comrades and rescue friendly wounded from no-man's land. Though the Americans successfully repelled the assault, they found themselves surrounded by the enemy. Facing annihilation, the able-bodied men were ordered to evacuate. However, Chaplain Kapaun, fully aware of his certain capture, elected to stay behind with the wounded. After the enemy succeeded in breaking through the defense in the early morning hours of November 2, Chaplain Kapaun continually made rounds, as hand-to-hand combat ensued. As Chinese Communist Forces approached the American position, Chaplain Kapaun noticed an injured Chinese officer amongst the wounded and convinced him to negotiate the safe surrender of the American Forces. Shortly after his capture, Chaplain Kapaun, with complete disregard for his personal safety and unwavering resolve, bravely pushed aside an enemy soldier preparing to execute Sergeant First Class Herbert A. Miller. Not only did Chaplain Kapaun's gallantry save the life of Sergeant Miller, but also his unparalleled courage and leadership inspired all those present, including those who might have otherwise fled in panic, to remain and fight the enemy until captured. Chaplain Kapaun's extraordinary heroism and selflessness, above and beyond the call of duty, are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, the 3d Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, the 1st Cavalry Division, and the United States Army.

F-15 Eagle

Nice video of the F-15, to bad the Air Force leadership is so screwed up that many of these aircraft will not fly the rest of the fiscal year with a net result of 17 squadrons that will not be able to preform their war time mission by Halloween.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kansas To Adopt Pro-Second Amendment Nullification Bill

Kansas will become the first state in the union to adopt a pro Second Amendment Nullification bill. Hats off to their legislatures who have the gumption to stand up for freedom and our constitution. The bill should be signed by Governor Brownback in the next few days.

Here is a link to the full article.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Baroness Margaret Thatcher RIP

Baroness Margaret Thatcher also known as the Iron Lady passed away earlier today in the U.K. she was 87. She will always be remembered for being a stalwart friend of the United States and a champion in the U.K.. She was a strong pragmatic leader, unlike the wankers that have been Prime Minister over the last 30 years. God Bless

Here is a link to the Sky News article

F-35 First Night Vertical Landing

While it's billions over budget, five years late and a program that really needs to be cancelled since we are broke. This is still a cool video,

Friday, April 5, 2013

Dr. Kermit Gosnell Trial

Funny how the media works including Fox. For weeks we have heard about the Jodi Arias murder trial, but has anyone heard a word about Dr Kermit Gosnell?

Gosnell is the scumbag abortionist in Philadelphia who is on trial for the murder of seven babies born alive and one of the patients under his care. His trial is ongoing and started back on March 18. He is facing the death penalty if convicted.

This man is a scumbag and deserves no mercy if convicted. When I read the stories about this man I reflected on my soon to be healthy and normal five year old granddaughter who was almost 8 weeks early and spent the first 25 days in the NICU and baby ward at Pitt Memorial Hospital, Greenville, NC.
For anyone to participate in this third trimester abortion activity, after you have been exposed to how viable premature infants are either is just plane evil or simply has no regard for human life.

Here are a few story links.

What evil looks like!

Thoughts on Korea

I watched various talking head MSM outlets today and heard one expert after another, Admirals, Generals, former State Department experts all talk about how a Nor Korean missile cannot reach the west coast and we have nothing to fear.
On this I don't disagree, but these experts and the media are arguing about a delivery device. They all think that a missile is the only way to deliver a nuclear weapon, this isi were they are all wrong and are not thinking outside the box.
We all know the the North Koreans have a viable nuclear weapon. What is the reason why they could not put it into a container load it unto a ship, sail it to Seattle or L.A. port and set it off? 

I'd like to hear them talk about this, unless this whole drama unfolding before our eyes is nothing but international theatre.

Time will tell.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

North Korea Closes Kaesong Industrial Complex

What has been traditional been seen as a prelude to conflict the Nor Korean government has closed the Kaesong Industrial Complex that it operates with South Korea. This was the last open border crossing zone in the continuing escalation on the peninsula.
At the same time the USN has moved additional anti ballistic missile capable destroyers off the coast and is deploying ant missile capability to Guam.

Here is the link to the BBC article.

The world is on fire and Obama is out fund raising and stump speeching against guns again today in CO. I'd like to personally thank all the low information voters that helped re-elect this waste of a suit.

Obama Greatest Gun Saleman Ever!

Back from some R&R, a fell goo report from Gregory Gynn-Willams Jr, at CNSNEWS.Com

There have been 70,291,049 background checks for gun purchases since President Obama took office, according to data released by the FBI.
In 2009, the FBI conducted 14,033,824 background checks. If we subtract the month of January (Obama did not assume office until the end of the month) we get 12,819,939.The FBI conducted 14,409,616 background checks in 2010, 16,454,951 in 2011, and 19,592,303 in 2012.
Add to that the first three months of 2013 (2,495,440, 2,309,393 and 2,209,407, respectively) and the total number of background checks under President Obama comes to 70,291,049.
Over the same time period, the number of background checks completed under President George W. Bush was 36,090,415, or about half the number conducted under Obama.