Friday, April 5, 2013

Thoughts on Korea

I watched various talking head MSM outlets today and heard one expert after another, Admirals, Generals, former State Department experts all talk about how a Nor Korean missile cannot reach the west coast and we have nothing to fear.
On this I don't disagree, but these experts and the media are arguing about a delivery device. They all think that a missile is the only way to deliver a nuclear weapon, this isi were they are all wrong and are not thinking outside the box.
We all know the the North Koreans have a viable nuclear weapon. What is the reason why they could not put it into a container load it unto a ship, sail it to Seattle or L.A. port and set it off? 

I'd like to hear them talk about this, unless this whole drama unfolding before our eyes is nothing but international theatre.

Time will tell.

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