Friday, April 19, 2013


I've wanted to wait until our government officials said something about the marathon bombers, well it didn't take long with what has unfolded the last few hours, what amazes me is the stupidity of the reporting on all MSM channels.

Plain and simple these young men both from Chechnya are nothing more than typical Muslim jihadists.
This will not end well if the younger brother is cornered he will try and take as many with him as he can.
This is because he is a martyr  and will get his reward in the afterlife.Just like 9/11 people can't understand why, it is quite simple. We in the west are infidels and the jihad committed individual has a  duty is to eliminate us.

Another aspect that is escaping the MSM is the fact that there has been various report and studies on Islamic terror and how that they have been recruiting and training new terrorist  from Bosnia and places like Chechnya because they look like us.  It make them easier to blend in and when the time comes create mayhem.

I'm willing to bet that this morning has shaken the alphabet agencies to the core, God knows how many sleeper cells could be out there and what they are willing and planning to do. When you look at what is going down in this search for the second brother anyone can see that they have accomplished there goal, Greater Boston is basically shut down right now I can only imagine the cost in commerce and emergency service OT because of the search.

I predict that this is the beginning of a new wave of attacks in the U.S. Part of it is our own fault because of the current administration policy in Afghanistan. The media thinks we are withdrawing and everything is ok. In the Islamic world eyes they have another superpower on the run and we are weak. They only respect force, just ask the Polish knights at the gates of Vienna.

The Russian withdrawal from the Stan  directly resulted din the troubles in Chechnya, the difference is  when it was getting out of hand the Russian Army used an iron fist to restore some semblance of order. We won't do it especially with the current administration.

People need to educate themselves about Islam, the MSM cry of moderate Islamic is so much bull I won't report their lies. I suggest you read Robert Spencer book The Politically Incorrect guide to Islam and the Crusades this will indeed open your eyes.

The politicians and the media will probably try to spin this for more gun control, or other laws which only screw law abiding Americans. They will refuse to admit to what the truth of what jihad realy is.

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