Sunday, January 11, 2015

Can You Imagine Either one as POTUS

All the twitter feeds and MSM types go on and on about Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney becoming the Republican standard bearer in 2016. You will hear such diatribe as Jeb can secure the Hispanic vote or  Mitt is great business man
How about neither, any one else or Micky Mouse. Not one of these men is a conservative or a constitutionalist, both are big government nanny state advocates.

Every time I here Mitts main qualification is being a great businessman I can only think that the government is not a business and needs to be cut at least by half . Bush is just a continuation of the family dynasty and that not a good thing. Last time I checked we fought a revolution prevent this from happening, this same thought goes to the darling of the left Hilary.

So I have  great idea how about neither and lets look on the bench for a decent serving governor. Nicky Haley for example,
A better choice
How about neither

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