Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama wins, USA loses

I’m beyond disappointed that Obama has been reelected. It shows how far we have drifted as a country from a group of God fearing, self-reliant patriots to a group of no ambition free shit army socialists. Romney was a decent candidate but when the vote in Ohio came down to the 4 major urban areas I knew it was game over.

So what do have to look forward to, well for guys that work with me a 3-4K increase in taxes Jan 1 as the Bush cuts sundown, an increase in unemployment as Obamacare and automatic defense cuts take over.

Three other questions loom large

1. What will Israel do? They now know that they will have to go it alone against Iran.

2. What will happen in Europe? Since our own fiscal crisis will loom large they are doomed.

3. How long till we hit the fiscal cliff? Fiat printing and Bernanke are destroying the dollar.

I suggest everyone take a look at their own circumstance, pay off debt, and begin prepping for economic chaos. Get your family ready too.

I still cannot believe that Obama has been returned I weep for my country because apparently we are more interested in reality TV than ensuring a successful future for our children and grandchildren.

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