Thursday, November 22, 2012

AR-15 America's Sporting Rifle

I had a discussion with one of my neighbors on what is a good all around rifle to own. I know there are a million options but I have found through my own experience it hard to go wrong with any of the AR-15 rifles out there.

The AR comes in many varieties the most common I see are the various M-4 clones. They are carbine length with collapsible stocks and removable carry handles.
There are many manufactures out there but if you are looking to buy I have a few suggestions. Get one chambered in 5.56 not just .223. The reason is  you can use 223 ammo in a 5.56 but because of increased chamber pressures you can physically hurt yourself and the rifle if you use 5.56 in a 223 only chamber. Get a chrome lined barrel and buy one that is mil spec. This will simplify replacement parts use and indicates that there is a known reference point for durability.

There are numerous option and accessories, most folks I know have added a forend rails to add lights and vertical grips, s decent optical or holographic sight with good back ups co witnessed and a good quality sling. I recommend the use of MAGPUL Pmags as they are basically indestructible. I also recommend having 2000 rounds on hand for each rifle. Good quality ammo stored correctly will last a lifetime and is a good hedge against price increases.

I will later post some links to good AR information sites. Remenber rifles are offeensive weapons like Col Jeff Cooper used to say. Col. Cooper also used to say that the pistol was used so you can get back to your rifle.

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