Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More On Benghazi

Benghazi the story that will not fade away. Today on NEWSMAX Governor Huckabee states the obvious that there is a cover up in motion. All of this activity and drama around Petraeus getting laid is in my opinion a smoke screen, Many on the right seem to think that there will be instant revelations that take down the administration.

I personally think that by the time the steady drips of information Obama and his administration will get burned by what went down. I really think that the two CIA paramilitary men the former SEALS unexpectedly thrust themselves into some twisted plot and the whole thing went south when this happened.  If your old enough to remember it took months to get to the bottom of Watergate. This investigation will take even longer since the leftist MSM carries the water for Obama but in the end it won't matter what happened is so outrageous the American people will want justice.

Benghazi is Watergate with a body count.

Below is a link to the Newsmax article.

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