Friday, November 16, 2012

Lurch for Secretary of Defense?

Only someone like Obama could even think about allowing someone like John Kerry to serve as Secretary of Defense. What Kerry did in 1972 with the lies being told at Winter soldier and  talking to the North Vietnamese in Paris while still being a reserve Naval Officer was nothing short of treason.

We still have never seen his DD Form 214, this in itself is very troubling . Only the release of his DD 214 could explain why the decorations he released during his failed 2004 campaign all had the signature of the Secretary of the Navy who served after Vietnam. The only plausible explanation is he in the 1972-73 timeline received a less than honorable release and only after the other leftist freak Carter pardoned the draft dodgers and other Vietnam area criminals was he able to apply for a correction which would have led to all the medal citations to be issued at the later date.

Kerry is and will always be a fraud. He wanted to be another JFK instead he is just another career leftist. Thank you Massachusetts.

Over at Moonbattery there was some support being shown by some Vietnam war

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