Saturday, January 19, 2013

New NRA Commercial

A new add by the NRA gets right to the point. Having armed security in schools is nothing new in fact over 28000 schools in this country already do. In my own area Wilmington, NC we have had Sheriff deputies assigned to the middle and high schools for years. In the last few week we now have either Wilmington PD or sheriffs deputies at each elementary school.

What I don't understand is the gun free zones law that were set up during Billy Boy Clinton's term. Bullshit laws like this and all the feel good legislation in NY do nothing to stop criminals, in fact these laws and business's that ban concealed carry only highlight to the thug another place they can go unopposed. Most criminals do not want to go up against somebody that is armed, they want a quick score not a pine box.

The leftist want to whittle down your second amendment rights not for safety but so they can exert more draconian control with no opposition. If this was really about public safety they would examine the failed war on drugs and figure out away to legalize and sell marijuana and other drugs like they do alcohol. This would end alot of the gang banging in the big cities but this subject is really for another post.

Here is the NRA commercial.

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