Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Executive Orders, America dies a little more

Wednesday is the day Obama and the gun grabbers will roll out the first of their unconstitutional executive orders concerning gun possession, ammunition and magazines.

What’s amazing is over the span of a few weeks the administration and their minions have studied the CT shooting and these new orders and recommendation are supposed to cure are gun violence, because after all it’s for the children. Funny with all the talk of so called assault rifles and high capacity magazines no one in government are media talks about psychotropic drugs and their misuse and the lack of mental health treatment in this country. I guess the pharmaceutical company lobbyist provide better hookers and blow to congress as opposed to the gun manufactures.

You would think the American people would wake up to the leftist and media’s constant badgering on this subject. They due this all the time whether it’s oil drilling, voter ID laws or any other common sense subject in which they oppose.

Their concern is not about the children is about restraining Americans rights for their own power. These incremental moves are spun as reasonable restrictions, they know they cannot go for an outright ban or confiscation like Feinstein and her ilk want to do but they can chip away at the foundation of the 2nd amendment. Doesn’t it make one wonder that hundreds if not thousands of gang bangers almost all minorities many under 20 years old die every year in our major metropolitan cities due to wars over the illegal drug trade, 506 murders in Chicago the Presidents home and not a peep is heard. But now we have a shooting of innocents in white bread suburbia and this is the leftist and the  totalitarians call to ban or severely restrict our arms. What I think is funny is as they destroy the second amendment what is to stop them from shredding the entire Bill of Rights? The answer is nothing will stop them.

Because I’m somewhat conservative and a retired career military many people think that I’m a Republican, this cannot be farther from the truth. I’m an American first and I’m tired of totalitarians from both sides of the aisle encroaching on our civil rights. This government grab of power and the slow slide to tyranny really sped up during W Bush’s term when they congress passed the abortive mislabeled Patriot Act. This piece trash legislation allows your government to spy on Americans without warrant and set up other fun things like detainment without habeas corpus and has led to fun programs like the drone strikes using the administrations kill list.

The current administration will continue down this path and the sheep that make up most of the populace will bleat and go back to watching dancing with the stars. What’s really sad is there is nothing that an individual can do. There seems to be no conservative patriot leader that will get on TV and say "No this is where it stops". Because of this I weep for my country as my granddaughters will grow up in an America that does not even resemble what I have been able to experience.

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