Wednesday, February 27, 2013


With all of the lies and B.S streaming out of D.C.c and the hysterical propaganda machines also known as the MSM, here are some excellent point made at The government, media and politicains are simply full of crap.

1. Sequestration cuts of $85 billion are impossibly painful, the equivalent of asking Uncle Sam to perform an appendectomy on himself with a nail file, but

2. ObamaCare adding $6.2 trillion to the deficit - nearly 75 times the size of the sequester - is no big deal... and even that new projection might under-estimate its cost, because

3. ObamaCare includes a massive expansion of Medicaid, which reluctant states like Florida, and now New Jersey, have been bribed to accept with bags of federal money, and
4. We're about to extend citizenship to a huge new population of people who will soon enough qualify for this expanded Medicaid coverage - it's inconceivable that their "access" to such programs will not be swiftly demanded, but

5. Obama's releasing waves of illegal immigrants from detention because he says that tiny sequestration spending cut makes it impossible to keep them in custody.

Take a bow, Mr. Alinsky.

two good links first the original from Breitbart

and Zerohedge

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