Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chris Cox and the NRAILA

Chris Cox the spokesmen for the NRAILA has a great message out on gun regestration.

It comes a a time when the leftest throughout the country, in Washington state, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado and other states and of course at the Federal level are trying to grab your guns through subterfuge. The state government lackeys are talking their marching orders from the fools in the beltway. None of these proposals will reduce gun violence but instead dupe the public into believing that these reasonable restrictions or registration schemes will assist in public safety.

Instead it will do nothing, criminals will not follow any law and all that registration does is set up the scenario were at the whim of Washington guns could and would be confiscated. Anyone who believes this cannot happen have been asleep the last decade. Ever since 9/11 the government through the need of so called public safety have instead infringed on everyone civil rights. From the disgusting mis-named Patriot Act, the growth and expansion of Homeland Security and the use of drones over the USA they are turning this once freedom loving nation into a fascist police state.

Our current leaders of both parties are marching down a very thin line. I truly believe there is a silent majority out in the hinterlands. Many are veterans like myself who can't believe what is happening but will make a stand when push comes to shove.

I would like to know what Washington is really gearing up for?  They have ordered over 1 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition over the last six months, they continue to militarize local police departments. Maybe Mark Levine is right and they are preparing for the resulting trouble due to a financial collapse that will happen. If this is the case you can then understand the hypocrites at all levels of governments desire to try and control gun ownership. It's because when the trouble comes they know that they will be held responsible for the mess that they have created and allowed to happen.

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