Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another Good One (Video)

Since Obama and his media lackey's are incapable in telling the truth about firearms here is another video showing what different semi automatic weapons look like and can do. It starts of with the hysterical lies of Obama, Feinstien, Morgan and other leftists before continuing on to an actual shooting demonstration at the NRA indoor range conducted by a professional shooter.

I have to agree with the professional shooter in regards to the effectiveness of a 12 gauge shotgun. A 12 gauge is simply devastating in close, especially at ranges that are encountered in most home defense scenarios.

The useful idiot Biden was called out for his reference today as he went of the leftist script of having a shotgun instead of an AR. I found it humorous especially his comment of shooting a few shots  outside. While I agree with him that a shotgun is a good choice for home defense, an AR is equally useful and can be used in a wide range of application for home defense, recreation and hunting.

I will emphasize once again, the lefts agenda has nothing to do with violence prevention or safety, it is all about control. They are truly horrified with the thought of an armed populace standing in their way to implement further their  tyrannical socialism for our society. They also know that if our financial system  does suffer a  breakdown because of the polices of unregulated fiat printing they do not want and armed populace to ab able to hold them responsible for their actions.

Here is the idiot Biden during his interview with Parent Magazine. The worst is his two blast comment. You never fire a warning shot, if you are going to use a weapon it is shoot to kill. I've been taught this for years not only in the military but in all the civilian defense training I have had. You are responsible for any projectile, bullet or shot that you fire, hence why you don't fire a warning shot because God knows were it will end up espically if fired in the air.

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