Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thoughts on the Oregon shooting

Have you ever noticed the left wing media goes crazy every time some deranged individual does one of these shooting's. What I have observed over the years is they only report the shooting when they involve white suburbia, like in this instance CO, and AZ. Sure they give lip service to inner city problems but for the most part they could care less about ganbangers on the south side of Chicago but will endlessly go on and on about evil semi auto's powerfull weapons and such as long as the incident ins in the suburbs and most of the victims are white. Shootings like this are always tragic because of the victims and their families. Using these incidents to promote leftest totalitarian ideas is evil and should be condemned.

Like it or not there will be no change in gun laws because all of our dirt bag politicians know this is ta third rail. Beside that their shouldn't be any changes anyway. We still live in a so called free society and we do have a second amendment that protects are rights. I feel very strongly about this and I'm always amazed when the leftist want to remove our rights. When they go down this road it only means that they in fact do support tyranny and they know the only way they can ever implement their dream of utopia is disarm the American people. Because they know just like I do that those with the guns make the rules

I closing I will leave you with Ice T's interview that he did in England awhile back. He is right in his stance on guns and I support him 100%! I to will only give them up when everyone else does.

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