Sunday, December 23, 2012

Patriot Rock

Poker Face a Patriot rock band from PA get it with this song.

With all the B.S. coming out of D.C. and the lack of leadership or constitutional behavior from the great majority of our elected representatives I personally don't see how this can end well.

We have many issues some of which individually or  a combination of a few could literally change the way we live virtually overnight. The politicians know this but they are more interested in their own illusion of maintaining power.

There is the crushing debt accompanied by the Federal Reserves continued printing of money and buying of toxic assets, which devalues the dollar and puts the economy on the edge of runway inflation like what is happening in Argentina right now as an example. Then you have the leftist like Fienstein and Schumer getting ready to pounce on legal gun ownership by passing feel good worthless legislation in the wake of Sandy Hook, Funny were where all of the politicians as the gang bangers shoot up the major urban centers in this country? I can tell you nowhere because they know that majority of the public could care less about gangs and drug dealers as long as it doesn't intrude into white bread suburbia. Any new laws like it are not will be the camel nose under the tent for further restrictions.

I have an idea as we don't need new laws, how about enforcing the laws we have, taking a look at the toxic drugs that we pump into our youth and take a realistic look at the failed war on drugs to start curbing gun related violence. Sandy Hook was an absolute tragedy commited by an unstable young man who should have been institutionalized a long time ago.  This was a terrible incident but as a comparison where are the tears for the 3000 plus unborn who are sacrificed to the alter of choice every working day? Crickets is all you hear because this does not fit the lefts agenda, and many  Americans just choose to ignore this violent act.

In regards to gun rights the left would ban and confiscate every one, regardless of how they pander to hunters and sportsmen. This realty is becoming more and more obvious everyday as the public statements of Cumo, Bloomberg and leftists in Congress and the judiciary. They like all stateists know that those with the guns make the rules. This is why they continually ignore the Constitution or refer to as the old document nor really relative to today. Funny thing how many of these politicians exercise the right to carry concealed, in particular that hypocrite Senator Fienstien.

This goes hand in hand with this years mass purchase of ammunition by DHS. Back in March DHS purchased 450 million round of .40 S&W and .357 Sig hollow point ammunition and back in September tendered a purchase order for 200 million .223 rounds, (Used in AR/M-4/M16) and 176k round of .306 168 grain boat tail hollow point which are used in precision fire (sniper) rifles. All purchases together this year come to over 1.6 billion rounds to be delivered over the next few years. Pretty impressive especially when asked the DHS spokesmen said that is was mostly for training. If this is the case they should have some excellent marksmen in the alphabet soup agencies. After all if your just practicing why would you buy the more expensive hollow point ammo instead of just plain old ball?

I still love my country for what it has stood for, what we can do in the future and what the founding fathers did for us. I stay active by calling out my local politicians as the overstep or under preform, I believe that we still can be as individuals a peaceful agent for change to bring our country back to greatness.

The bill of rights was given to us to preserve our freedom and liberty. Constraining or eliminating one area will put all the rest of our God given rights in jeopardy and put us all under the boot of the state.

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