Monday, December 17, 2012

Observations on the CT shotting

In the wake of the tragic shooting in CT, we have seen the usual cry from the left of increased guns laws and banning guns. So instead of trying to argue with these people  I have a few observations of the leftists and their rants over the last few days, and what makes them hypocrites.

Why are they not demanding answers about all of the dead Mexican citizens as a result of Fast and Furious?

Why are they not discussing the 3000 plus innocents killed every day in this country by the abortionists?

Why do they not march in the streets over the shooting in Chicago and D.C and any other leftist controlled gun banning utopia?

Why do they not question the lack of mental health facilities and care or the excessive use of psychotropic drugs that are a common trait in recent mass shoo ting's

Why do they not recognize that these incidents usually occur in so called gun free zones?

Why do they not protest their dear leader in the White House who's questionable drone strike program has killed an untold number of equally Innocent women and children?

Why did the media fail to report that a legal armed citizen confronted the Oregon mall shooter and at that time the shooter retreated and killed himself?

The answer is simple, none of the answers to these questions will fit their preconceived narrative or agenda. What's obvious to me is the leftist want the U.S to be disarmed, this way nothing can stand in the way of their agenda which is turning this country into a socialist hell for our own good.

It's to bad they and the media will not report that the United States has a lower violent crime rate than many of the European countries that the left wants us to emulate.

People in this country need to start educating themselves instead of being a sheep for the state.

Also check out Market Ticker for an approach to solutions for school house safety and what is reasonable in response to these type of incidents.

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