Saturday, December 22, 2012

Air Force History Today

Today in 1950 the largest air battle to date occured in Korea the 4th Wing shot down 6 Mig -15’s without loss.

The 4th and its then three squadrons the 334 FS , Fighting Eagles, 335 FS, Chiefs and the 336 FS, Rocketeers who are the descendants of the WWII RAF Eagle squadrons went on to become the greatest Mig killers of the war with 516 air to air victories, and boasted 25 Aces. The list of aces include Major James Jabara of the 334 FS with 15 kills, Capt. Manuel Fernandez of the 334 FS with 14.5 kills, Major George Davis of the 344 FS with 14 kills and Major Frederick “Boots” Blesse of the 334 FS with 10 Kills.

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