Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Panetta Named To Head CIA

Obama today made what has to be the most screwed up choice yet for his cabinet. He named former Clinton Chief of Staff Leon Panetta as his pick to be Director of the CIA. His pick has set off a firestorm among his own Senate Democrat colleges in particular Senator Feinstein of CA who is the incoming chairmen of the Senate committee in intelligence. Senator Feinstein was not consulted and her own expectations were to pick a person who had a high level of experience in intelligence. Instead we get another Clinton hack, who did a two year tour in Army intelligence years ago What a joke at a time when we need a steady hand like Gen Hayden who has spent almost 40 years in the intelligence game we get a guy who knew nothing when it came to Bill Clinton scandals. Hope and change, look more like a third Clinton administration. Makes you wonder what kind of goods the Clintons have on the one.

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