Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama’s First Day

Well the first day of the new administration has passed and we can see a clear left wing socialist agenda coming forth.
First odd the White House release that the draft order to close Guantanamo Bay within one year will be issued tomorrow. This couples with Obama asking the Military Tribunals to suspend activity for 120 days including the ongoing trial of one of the 9/11 mastermind conspirators. The question remains into where these scumbags will be taken or the more important ones like how does this make us more secure? Why are we giving extended protection and rights to non-uniformed enemy combatants who by international law can be executed in the field? I guess this is hope and change

Then we have a little tid bit that hit the wires, After being sworn in on Tuesday, Obama ordered all federal agencies and departments to halt pending regulations until they can be reviewed by incoming staff., This included the orders that President Bush signed to increase domestic off shore gas and oil exploration and may include shale oils development in the western US according to an interior department spokesman.
How does this help? Well it doesn’t, if we don’t get on the stick now as the economies around the world recover oil will once again increase in price and we will be spending our capital on foreign oil instead of producing our own. No matter how much the left stamps it feet about alternative energy for the foreseeable future we are an oil-based economy. We need to boost our own supply so we do not have to depend on foreign unfriendly powers for our energy. This is a national security issue that Obama and the Democrats are already on record opposing the will of the people. I swear foe being the smartest people in the room the want to doom us to a stalled no growth European nanny state.

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