Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Obama To Close Gitmo

An Obama transition team member said today that one of Obama’s first acts is to issue a presidential order to close the prison for the terrorist scum at Guantanamo Bay and to end any so called torture. First off I would like to know what they plan on doing with these scumbags? Rendition back to Iraq sound pretty good since the new Iraqi government would probably do what we should have to start with on the battlefield with these individuals. As far as the ending torture, they must be still whining about the two terrorists who were water boarded. I’m sure these two gave up valuable intell that saved American lives but when you are a progressive this is not good enough. Every month special operations troops are water boarded as part of their SERE training and funny I don’t here to many Green Berets or SEALS whining about this aspect of their training.
Between the new left trying to make the world love us (trust me it will never happen) and "Senator Clinton who believes in "smart power" -- using all the tools of foreign policy that are at our disposal.” This administration will surely be a train wreck with the ongoing war against Islamic terrorism.
I’m convinced that the left will not get serious until there is another horrific attack on this nation. Even then most of them will say we deserve it. Michael Savage is right, liberalism is a mental disease.

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