Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shok Valley, 4/8/2008

Video footage from the engagement of Detachment Alpha 3336, 3rd Special Forces Group. This is the battle that 10 of the Green Berets where awarded Silver Stars for bravery under fire.


Anonymous said...

Accounts of this fight have stated that pre-mission intel suggested 70 enemy; more than 200 encountered.

Mission objective was to capture high value target; that objective was not accomplished.

Accounts have also indicated that this was the first time US forces have entered Shok Valley despite having been at war in Arghanistan since 2001.

I don't discount the bravery of 3 SFG and other involved; they deserve the Silver Stars.

That said, it's difficult to conclude that this operation was a success.

Anonymous said...

Will all do respect,
there were two USAF combat controllers there calling in air strikes, both with intel after that the targets were destroyed with F-15E,A-10's and AH-64. One is up for the AF DSC and the other a Silver Star. unless you are part of the STS community or SF, please watch what you are saying. they deserve their awards and this mission which was very daring, and costly. ultimately was a success. both targets destroyed. what have you done which was as daring? wrench turning or services?

billmill said...

Anonymous 2 you are right on. Our Special Forces men are indeed a special breed the mission was indeed a success. The costs are sometime very high but through their discipline and training they get the job done. I was privileged to meet and host a few with the PJ’s from RAF Mildenhall As a former Marine I can relate to but stand in awe of the thing that these SF folks do and a daily basis.

Thanks your comments. I just want to get the word out on various subjects and hopefully get some young Airmen interested in learning different things about the AF and it’s history and the politics that swirl around it.