Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back From A Break

Well I’m back from a week off which was great, shoot I did not even watch the news or read a newspaper. That’s what made today’s Obama announcements of his staff so funny.
Clinton Secretary of State, enough said on her total lack of international experience, and in her speech today another reference to global warming. These leftist will do what ever it takes even using junk science to get their carbon cap and trade tax going, after all green is the new red. Then we have Gen Jim Jones a questionable choice at best for NSA in a war against Islamic terror, Eric Holder who under no circumstance s be confirmed as AG after his action during the Clinton administration pardon mill and lest we forget Gov Napolitano as Homeland Security, exactly how is this open borders advocate is qualified expect for the fact that she was a vigorous supporter of the one? Finally Susan Rice at the U.N. the women who failed in the Clinton years to get Bin Laden when we had the chance.

This whole team seams like Clinton lite 3, the only person seemingly qualified for the task at hand is Secretary of Defense Gates who has agreed to stay on for at least another year.. Hope and change, we can only hope that this dynamic team does not totally screw us up and lead us to another 9/11 disaster.

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