Friday, November 14, 2008

So Far No Deal For Big 3

It looks like common sense is prevailing and the natural business cycle of bankruptcy and reorganization is in store for the Big 3. Don’t get me wrong there will be pain and despair in Detroit,Toledo and some of the other main auto manufacturing cities, but this is something that just has to happen.
The management of the big three and the insanity brought by the UAW have got to end. I worked for Daimler Chrysler for a little over a year in 02 and 03 at Dodge City in Detroit were they make the 4 door Rams and Dakotas. In my experience I saw a union who would continually back totally useless employees who should have stayed fired instead of being brought back. I saw thousands of employees who were technically laid off but still drawing a huge percentage of their weekly salary for doing nothing. I saw senior management that had zero labor relations training and caused more harm than good every time they ventured out on the factory floor.
A good example was when would try and use the skilled tradesmen in these so called labor pool but could never get enough of them for a project to make it work so we had to use sub contractors instead. I could go on but what the point, Big 3 top management and the UAW sowed the seeds for this disaster years ago, the crop is now ready to be harvested. It’s unfortunate that some of the fine men I know that still work in Detroit will be directly impacted but this needs to happen, there is not enough money in the world to continue the same poor business and contract practices that have gone on for years.
People wonder what an economy run by Obama will look like, look no farther than Michigan under the left wing Granholm who has got to be the biggest train wreck in the country as a Governor.
One last note the UAW must be furious after all the money they coughed up to the Obama campaign and all the no doubt illegal contributions in the way of manpower for the campaign that they did. When Big 3 file for protection one of the first thing that will happen is the suspension of the contracts and all the ridiculous business killing parts of it. Makes you wonder why the UAW has never been able to organize a foreign car maker plant the Japanese manufactures in particular..

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