Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obama and Israel

I hope the self-loathing leftist Jewish Obama supporters in this country are happy.
After the one said over the weekend that he wants Israel to withdraw tp its pre six-day war 1967 borders the Palestinian leader Abbas threatened war on Monday if the Israeli government does not move in this direction to the 1949 borders. Obama's proposal also included ceding the Golan Heights back to Syria.

I’ve heard of bad moves but what is to be expected from a man who throughout his life has been supported and surrounded by Ant Semites. I expect that the Israel will just ignore the latest form the Obama camp. I have a strange felling that the folks in Tel Aviv no that they are screwed and will not get the support they need to keep the Arabs at bay after Jan 20, 2009. I believe that the election results have effectively green lighted the Israelis to take action against Iran, after all what choice do they have? There is no way any sensible government in Israel is going to tolerate a nuclear armed Iran

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