Saturday, November 15, 2008

Civil Defense Plan, Your Kidding Right?

I thought that Obama was kidding when he talked about some kind of Stalinist civilian defense corps as strong as the military that has mandatory service.
If Bush had proposed this, the left would have had a mental meltdown becasue it is total crap, but instead all we hear from the MSM is crickets. It like the old story of the Nazis how no one spoke up when they came for the various groups but when they came for you, who is there to speak out for you. I predict major pushback and sever buyer’s remorse with in days after the inauguration if not before, epically when some of the bigger Obama bots realize that the one is not going to pay for their mortgage and give them a free gas card. Here is Rahm Emanuel from 2006 and the one himself talking about it. click the title to go to

All I can say is pray for the country and be ready for anything.


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