Monday, November 3, 2008

Raiders So Bad It Hurts

The Raiders to whom I have been a loyal fan for 35 years sunk to a new low even for them. After 6 years of hapless losing and more coaches than you can count yesterday at home the Raiders were shut out by Atlanta 24-0. They managed a whole 77 yards in offense the worst team performance since 1961, in front of a partially empty stadium
This team is a joke, Al Davis needs to go ahead and give over control to his son who then needs to hire a new GM and a coach. Maybe then after two or more seasons we may be a .500 ball club again. Until this happens I will be packing away my Raiders clothes and will not buy another Raider anything until Al goes.
The last six seasons have managed to completely destroy a team legacy that had swagger, pride and victories.

I wonder if someone could Photoshop the Raider emblem with two eye patches?

I wish they could win baby!

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