Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tickercon 1

One of my daily financial reads Karl Denninger's Market-Ticker went to  Tickercon 1 today. so what is it?

•1: Locked-and-cocked. Preparations should be complete. Evidence exists suggesting that a financial, geopolitical or similar event is likely within the next several weeks. Wide-spread economic, geopolitical or social distress has a reasonable probability (better than one in five) of occurring during the above time period. This status will not be maintained for more than thirty days as extraordinary vigilance is required to do so.

This is a result in the overnights of the Nikkei 225 6.5% collapse overnight. I've said for months that to anyone that would listen that the Federal Reserve and the thieves on Wall Street would blow this economy up. The results are starting to be seen, you simply cannot just print money out of thin air and expect success.

Everyone needs to educate themselves on what is going on short term with stocks and bonds and the the Feds printing. Any credit or financial disruption will affect not only someones 401K or other investments but the everyday functioning of society such as food, gas and general credit.

Look at Greece and think of the riots in your hometown.

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