Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dr Jim Garrow, The Litmus test

Dr. Garrow has made some interesting claims according to different web sites about what is going on with the build up of ammunition by DHS and a litmus test for military officers about use of force against American civilians, I had no idea that he had done an interview and went on record publically. Below is the interview he did in March.

Now before anyone just discount this as tin foil hat stuff, my own son in law and his platoon were asked similar type questions a few years ago while he served as a grunt in D company 2nd LAR in the USMC. The nice thing was the reaction of these common grunts from Sgt. to Private, they were as a whole shocked and concerned about even being asked these questions. The common though was senior leaders at battalion and division may take the orders to suppress U.S. citizens, these are the perfumed prince types that are more worried about advancement than doing their moral and ethical duty. But down at the company and platoon level this is where the boots meet the ground any orders like this would be refused and I personally feel some units would in fact mutiny and stand up to any unconstitutional orders. Contrary to popular belief enlisted men do think and they know what they stand for, they are by no means automatons like the left likes to portray them as.

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