Wednesday, March 11, 2009

US Intel Chief Says Diplomacy Will Not Halt Iran

Talk about your no brainer US Intelligence Chief Dennis Blair in testimony before the Senate said
Via the Jerusalem Post
“It would be difficult to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and hard to tell which combination of carrots and sticks might convince Iran's leaders to abandon that goal”, the US Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, told the Senate Tuesday.

Thank God the IAF will act when needed to take away the threat a nuclear-armed Iran
The only problem I see is the lack of testicular fortitude within the Obama administration, because when it the Israelis go and they will it will take the concentrated efforts of the US Navy and Air Force to keep the Straights of Hormuz open.

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platensimycin said...

Both USAF & IDF are very aware of the ramifications of conducting such an attack. That's why no one is making a move, yet.

The OTHER problems that you probably don't see include anything from political mayhem to petro output dry-up to military (conventional or nuclear) show down.

"Testicular fortitude;" by that you probably imply testosterone overdose. Bombing Iran, in comparison, will be the easiest part of the equation.