Monday, March 23, 2009

Hamas Terror Leader Praises Obama

Total outrage again today from the Middle East, you though giving the Palestinians almost 1 billion was bad check out what a Senior Hamas leader had to say about Obama. This is as bad as The U.N urging us to talk with the Taliban who have already shown their opposition to this. The meltdown in the White House will occur when a a 3AM phone call comes.

Via Breitbart
The exiled leader of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas on Sunday hailed the "new lexicon" being used by US President Barack Obama towards foreign policy issues the Middle East.

"The challenge for everyone is that (Obama's new language) is a prelude to a sincere change (of direction) in US and European foreign policy," Khaled Meshaal said in an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

A senior US envoy said in Damascus earlier this month that Syria can be an important and constructive force in the Middle East, as Washington pursues a new policy of engaging with all countries in the region, even long-time foes.

And the Syria-based leader predicted that an "official" opening of US and European Union channels for dialogue with Hamas, listed as a terrorist organisation by the EU since 2003, is now "only a matter of time".

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