Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Global Warming Protest In D.C,

There was a protest in D.C. today about global warming or is it climate change now? I had to laugh, 6 inches of snow and mid 20’s temperatures paralyzed the city, In fact San Fran Nan could not attend. All this going on while some scientists are now saying that there is not enough Co2 in the atmosphere. I have said for year follow the money on the environmental whack jobs.
Now I like clean air and clean water but there must be a balance. If you are against coal like Obama and these groups then why was their no money too build and insure new technology nuclear reactors? It is because these same no growth no technology save the planet people get their cash from the same front group that Soro’s and his ilk fund. The same people that want to kill off capitalism for some kind of socialist commune are the ones that help propel Obama to the Presidency.

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