Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hillary Lawyering Up?

All I can say is its about time.
In my 22 years in the service I held multiple clearances and handled classified material on a regular basis. During this time we had recurrent training on how to handle material and most importantly what types of punishment we could expect if classified information was  mishandled. When I retired I was giving a briefing on non disclosure of what I knew. Shoot I still won't talk about installed avionic systems even though I know the systems have been upgraded over the years.

This is what makes the Clinton story so outrageous, Anyone who is has a security clearance is given substantial training. Every email that was on the unsecured server or sent to people without a need to know over this server is a separate charge. What I want to know is what is the FBI and the Justice department waiting for? In my own career I've seen people make bone headed mistakes and get charged and punished. So the bottom line is we either have rule of law or we don't.

Her continued candidacy and support from the left goes to show how far we have sunk as a nation and how the left is truly nothing but  partisan hacks.

Here is a link to today's story from the New York Post.

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