Saturday, October 3, 2015


After the alleged intercept of Israeli F-15's by the Russians I've been checking various blogs and aviation pages to gauge the reaction.  What I read was the usual fan boy crap of how great the Russian planes are so on and so forth. What they fail to realize is the last C model Eagle was built in 1987 with the original A models built back in 1973. So the Russians today field aircraft like the and SU-34 which finally entered service in 2006 that is about on parity with the F-15C. This in from my point of view is still doubtful because of continuing avionics mods to the Eagle.

Being an old retired Eagle Keeper I'm somewhat biased but realistic in the sense the the Eagle is one old airfame now but still has tremendous capability as seen with Strike Eagle and its variants.

One thing you never hear anyone discuss is how these same Russian jets would fare against the Raptor, a true 5th generation super maneuverability fighter in service today. It too bad the current administration chose to halt production at 189 aircraft. Maybe the next President will get it together and we can get the F-22C in production.

Here is a nice video of the F-22

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