Friday, February 27, 2015

Bush the latest loser

It looks like the MSM and the country club Republican party leadership is trying whatever they can to foist Jeb Bush upon us as the nominee of the party. I can nor think of a single worse candidate expect of course for Hillary or Warren.

Jeb who was a terrible governor and has been a Wall Street insider for most of the last decade doubled down on his immigration stand during a speech in Florida yesterday he maintained his position that is hugely unpopular with the base. One of the money quotes:

"If I go beyond the consideration of running, I'm not backing down from something that is a core belief,

For the fall article check out the Washington Examiner

This guy needs to go to were he came from as he is nothing but a Rhino fraud the will only support the growing fascist status quo that passes for leadership in Washington these days.

We need another Bush like we need more snow

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