Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blast from the past

A couple of nice photo's of F-15C's from the 32TFG Soesterberg AB, NL. I was lucky to be stationed there from Nov 87 till Nov 91 and deploy to Incirlik during Desert Storm. The photo's are of 81-0049 which unfortunately was lost off the Norfolk, England  coast after a catastrophic engine failure, the pilot ejected and was OK. This ended the over 70,000 accident free hours that the unit had amassed. The  other is 79-0032 which was the only jet left with the Wolfhound nose art.

Soesterberg was a great assignment it's too bad it was closed when force reductions hit.

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Webmaster Slobberin Wolfhounds said...

Love the Wolfhounds! Working on a book about the 32nd squadron/group. Publication will be in 2016.