Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Turkish RF-4

I finally found a picture of an F-4 similar to the one that was shot down a few days ago bu Syria. Turkey has called for a meeting of NATO. This whole incident ratchets of all the problems going on in the Middle East. The attack can be considered an act of war since the Turkish AF jet was in international airspace.
The last thing we need is the neo-cons in DC using this incident to get U.S. forces further involved in what is a Syrian internal civil war. Not only do I not care what happens in Syria we in the west in my opinion need to stay away from any more entanglements.

I do believe we should support Israel, if  for nothing more that they are the last democracy in the region. I also believe we should continue to lean on Iran and it's nuclear ambition, not for the threat of nuking Tel Aviv but for the threat of a container ship firring a Scud into the upper atmosphere off the Eastern seaboard. The resulting EMP would be devastating. Check out One Second After, by by William R. Forstchen a chilling fiction book depicting this scenario.

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