Friday, March 25, 2016

Dassault Super Etendard bows out

Last week when the French carrier Charles De Gaulle returned to port they launched the last sorties of the Super Etendard. The Super Etendard has served the French Navy for over 40 years and will retire from service later this year.

The jet has also been used by both the Iraqi Air Force and the Argentine Navy.
Most notable use of the Super Entendard was during the Falklands war. Using the purpose designed Exocet anti ship missile the Argentine's made two successful attacks on the British Task Force, the first heavily damaged the H.M.S. Sheffield which later was scuttled. The second was against the merchant ship Atlantic Conveyor which was sunk.

Currently the Argentine Navy who has a fleet of 11 aircraft. all of which have been upgraded to the SEM ( Super Etendard Modernization) standard.

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