Tuesday, June 9, 2015

F-15 Silent Eagle South Korea Pitch

This is what the the USAF needs  to order yesterday and kill off the Allied World Air Force killer the F-35.
The silent Eagle offers many advantages since pure stealth is becoming a zero sum game with new multi-band AESA radars and new technology IRST coming on line. For the USAF there is already a robust infrastructure in place to include the Depot at Warner Robbins, GA.

The F-15's legendary performance combined with the new technology offered in the Silent Eagle will give the air war commander many options not available with the F-35. Little things like range, speed, payload, duel engine capability, a second crew member ect. I could go on but why bother.

Bottom line any decision by the politicians and the Air Staff that does not include recapitalizing the Tactical Air Forces with F-15 Silent Eagle will prove once again that they are corrupt and without ethics. For the Air Staff it points to a complete lack of integrity and leadership.

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