Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Washington Navy Yard

Well the ghouls of the left including Fienstien did not even wait tell the bodies were cold before their siren cry for gun control started to echo through the  land. While the shooting is a tragedy and I will not go into the debate of gun free zones, all I want to know is why the left politicians and talking heads never talk about the psychotropic drugs that almost to the person these mass murderers are on.

Could it be that these politician who are bought and paid for by big Pharma and the fascist politicians like Fienstien and her ilk are more interested in power and control by disarming law abiding citizens but never doing a damn thing about criminals or the drug companies.
Stand vigilant, these are trying times for all off us. Issues ranging from Syria, the NSA spying and the economic train wreck brought about by these fools in D.C will test our will. The government over the next 12 months will be desperate to increase their reach and power while at the same time try to placate the sheep.

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