Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wisconsin DNR, Another Example Of Big Brother Gone Wrong

After being out of the loop for a few weeks and taking a vacation I decided to get back to it and what do I find right off the bat, more insane tactics by government agents The Wisconsin DNR sowed again how bad big brother government is getting. They raided a no kill shelter with many armed agents after preforming both aerial and covert surveillance. The alleged crime was keeping a fawn that ran afoul of Wisconsin DNR regulations. I can't believe how bad big brother is getting, I realize that this is a minor incident but how much taxpayer money went into this effort and all they ended up doing was killing the fawn and holding the shelter volunteers under detention for from what I gather 3 hours. Here is a link to the WISN ABC 12 article, it includes pictures of the terrorist fawn that the DNR agents saved us from.

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