Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Air Force suspends military tuition assistance

In a move that I felt was coming, the Air Force today suspended tuition assistance programs. This is just another kick in the teeth and the only folks who get screwed are as usual the enlisted force.

For a service that has poured countless billions in cost overruns for a failed weapons development program, like the F-35 the amount of money saved by this cut in minuscule in comparison.

What truly amazes me is with all the money that has been wasted in various development and upgrade programs no General officers in charge are ever held responsible. Instead due to their mismanagement of these programs we get the usual crap from Donnaly and CMSAF Cody. Both these men should be ashamed once again all the armed forces including the Air Force put new systems ahead of the people that make it happen every day the enlisted force.

TA is near and dear to me. I would not have the job I work today if it had not been for TA money that allowed me to finish my B.S. degree before I retired.

It will come back eventually but it;s too bad the Air Force leadership made no plans with budget cuts looming.

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